About us

About us


VITAEL S.A. was formed in 2009 with its core business focusing of the implementation of construction contracts and on Design & Construction Management. We are also active into the Real Estate Development sector, as investors, providing thorough and high quality services through our company Vita Estate Development.


Our goal is to coordinate our actions in order to maximize our customer,
staff and stakeholder value through actions that have a positive impact on society and the environment.


VITAEL S.A. undertakes the design, organization and turnkey delivery of new properties, infrastructures and complex developments in general, emphasizing on the provision of services to Corporate Clients and Companies that belong to both the Public and Private Sectors.

Under the current circumstances and within the framework of catering for an increasing market demand, our Company, in particular, offers services of reconstruction and fit-out works, spanning from the design to the final completion and delivery of the site.

VITAEL S.A. offers specialized services and flexible solutions for the reconstruction, renovation and alteration of buildings, offices, hotels, shops and other business properties (fit-out works), by assuming the delivery of complex projects that require fast implementation.

VITAEL S.A. has successfully completed construction projects that had extremely pressing timetables and high quality requirements, with well-known multinational and Greek companies as well as organizations being the end users.

VITAEL S.A, having already successfully completed similar projects, supports businesses in the process of developing environmental awareness, providing them with the necessary technical training and experience required to implement projects that meet LEED specifications.


  • Implementation of complex and deadline-sensitive projects.
  • Specialized project teams consisting of architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, project managers, security specialists etc.
  • Responsibility, quality, consistency, speed, flexibility.
  • Competitive rates of implementation.
  • Provision from the phase of the design for long-term viability of projects and low maintenance costs.
  • Ensuring continual improvement through quality processes, managed by a powerful team and accomplished by a dedicated team of engineers.
quality health


VITAEL S.A. is committed to protect its clients, staff and the environment by taking appropriate proactive measures in terms of Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment. We aim to improve our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System constantly and as a result VITAEL S.A. has been certified by an independent body for the whole of its operations according to the ISO 45001:2018ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

  • We are a responsible future-focus company that demonstrates a commitment to improving the environment.
  • We are compliant with the environmental legislation.
  • We assess and minimize any negative environmental impacts the company may have.
  • We train our staff on health, safety and environmental issues.
  • We provide appropriate personal protective & safety equipment to our staff.
  • We use reporting and communication methods that ensure products and  services of better quality.
  • We ensure continual improvement through quality processes.
  • We provide an improved customer experience.


We provide private insurance package to our staff.
We provide high quality training which enables our employees to learn precise skills or knowledge, so as to improve performance.
We support and constantly improve our workplace wellness in order for our staff to feel safe and creative.

VITAEL S.A. consists of the following teams:

  • Architects
  • Civil engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Commercial department
  • Marketing department
  • Legal department
  • Procurement and Cost Control department
  • Quality, Health and Safety department


Amongst the users of real estate for which the Company has recently completed construction projects are the following:

Hotels / Medical Diagnostic Centers / Embassies / Retail Stores / Banks / Insurance Companies / Shipping Companies / Advertising Firms / IT Companies / Car Dealerships / Energy Supply and Investment Companies / Telecommunication Services Providers / Department Stores / Greek and Multinational Companies / Refugee Camps / Public Institutions